Boarding & Daycare Services

Due to the coronavirus, we are not accepting reservations as this time. 

PLAY AREAS  We make sure to offer a safe environment for dogs to play and interact throughout the day. Dogs are always off-leash and guided in and out with treats. The play areas feature both sunny and shady areas. We have large grassy areas for dogs of all sizes. Dogs only play together if there is no chance of conflict. 

KENNELS  The kennels are indoor and air conditioned. The kennels are about 5 x 10 feet. Every dog gets a raised cot and fresh water. We can put two cots down side by side for multiple dogs boarding in the same kennel. Daily housekeeping is done to ensure a clean environment for our guests. You can bring beds & blankets from home. As well as toys and treats for them to enjoy in their kennel. 

FOOD & TREATS  Dogs are fed breakfast at 6:30 AM and dinner at 6:00 PM. They can also be fed lunch if that is what they are used to. We recommend bringing your dog’s food from home, since changing food can cause an upset stomach when they return home. We provide food and treats at no additional cost.

MEDICATIONS  We will happily administer medications at no additional cost. Please make sure that you provide enough medication to cover your pets stay. We can use cheese, treats, pill pockets, peanut butter or canned food to give them their medicine. But you can also bring your own if that’s what you prefer.

SPA SERVICES  We offer a full range of bathing services so your fluffy friend can return home fresh and clean! Our services include bathing, brush out, blow-out, nail trims, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, blueberry facial, paw & pad cream and more. We also have several different shampoos and conditioners including oatmeal, whitening, deshedding, medicated shampoo and more!


Under 30 lbs…………..$14/night

30 lbs – 60 lbs………….$16/night

Over 60 lbs…………….$18/night